Who Does What?! On the jouney to find the colleges that are the best fit! February 9th, 2011 | No Comments

Let’s dig deeper into the question of who will work on which tasks over the next year so that the journey to find the colleges that are the best fit becomes and remains an exciting adventure.

When you assess at all steps of the process…

What might you do together?

Brainstorm about areas of interest, strengths, essay topics
Imagine life at college-where, how large, what type of setting
Talk about finances
Visit colleges
Create a timeline and milestones
Practice interviews
Talk through final choices

What will you do alone?
Financial aid forms

What will your teen do independently?
Test prep and testing
Complete applications
Write essays
Do interviews
Secure letters of recommendation

Yikes!  I have just listed over a dozen areas that require planning, preparation, completion… and those are just the highlights!

Perhaps the first question is… Where do you, as a family, begin?  I think it’s by taking stock of

  • what you know
  • what you need to know/learn
  • what questions and concerns you have
  • your planning and completion skills

I hope that focusing on the first steps of the journey for the next year provides the foundation for starting the conversation with your teen.

* If you love to see things…Here’s a mindmap with ideas of “What to do When.”  It’s a draft (no need to tell you that!), I’ll post a clean copy in a few days… check back!12 month mindmap of the journey

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