When Interviewing for College: Be Your Pukka Self! November 2nd, 2009 | No Comments

I’m finishing up coaching work with four high school seniors:  They’ve developed their lists of “likelies, possibles, and reaches,” they have visited colleges, taken tours, done overnights, revised their lists, started the Common App. and the supplemental essays… They have a sense of what they want and yet there’s that last task gnawing at their confidence… Interviewing is foremost in their minds, and they’re nervous.


Interviewing is a skill, you can learn to do it well, I tell them.  

An interview is a conversation:  The interviewer wants to get to know you better, inform you about the college, and look for reasons to accept you; you need to share information about yourself easily, convey your knowledge about the college and be insightful about your fit with the college.  It’s an opportunity to explore new ground, to move beyond the information conveyed in the application.


Preparation will carry you through, I tell them.

We’ve walked through the process:  The teens know their strengths, needs, challenges, wants, and dreams. They have thought through answers to the questions that they might be asked, and developed questions they need and want to ask the interviewer.


Practice and learning from your experiences are the keys to getting more comfortable, I tell them.

I see it every time!  We work our way through realplays, practice interviews that include the types of questions the students will be asked… and they get more confident, become better interviewees each time, because they are applying the feedback they receive each and every time.  By the third realplay, the students are their pukka selves-genuine!


I hear and see them grow in front of my eyes – it’s fantastic!


You can do it too!  Mindful practice is the key -> if you want help, shoot me an email!

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