To Go or Not To Go (To College)… That is the Question! May 19th, 2010 | No Comments

So really!  What do you think?

What does going to college really mean to you?
What is the thinking about college life in your family?
How does society view going to college?

As a junior, you’re probably hearing a lot of talk about college, because now is the time to start making the major decisions about your future after high school… How “big” are your conversations with your family members, guidance counselors, and friends?  Do they start with questions about the future and the variety of options available to you?  Or, do the people talking around you, and with you, begin with the assumption that college is right for everyone, or at least everyone in the conversation?

Before heading too far down the path on assumptions about college life and what it does and doesn’t have to offer… Have you tried your best to answer these questions:

  • What types of work do you envision in your future?  What are you passionate about, what interests you?
  • Does that field/Do those areas require a college degree?  Are there vocational/technical/career training schools that would prepare you for those fields?
  • Is an apprenticeship available that might provide exactly the hands-on experience required for such work?
  • Have you considered studying abroad for college/university?
  • What do you believe a college experience (education and environment) will do for you?
  • What expectations do you have of college?
  • Do you and your parents have the same hopes and dreams about your future?  Have you had long and deep conversations that address your vision of your future?

Make the time now to think through, discuss and think through (again!) the conversations and answers to these questions, and more questions that are important to you… It’s the only place to begin!  I can help if you like…  Contact me if you want to start a conversation to get clear about what college means to you and your future.

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