Thinking about your college search September 4th, 2009 | No Comments

What are you working on this week?  How is it going?  Smooth sailing or choppy waters?  I think there are striking parallels between my work and yours...

So this week, I was nose-to-grindstone.  I decided that I needed to take a hard look at what I had written*-to see, big picture and in the details, if it really represented me and how I work with/coach teens “live”/in person. Truth be told, once again, while trying to forge ahead, my strengths got me into trouble! I love brainstorming, thinking of possibilities/making mindmaps, creating a plan, and executing it.   I decided that I needed to do more thinking, more research, and then more thinking about how to translate the research into practice.  It was so much fun!  I got lost in the researching, reading and note-taking… I could have gone on for days-and that would have been BIG trouble!  I’m on a deadline here!

Do you see any parallels with what you’re doing right now?  I do!

  • You are in the midst of a BIG project-your college search
  • You must be really focused-and yet there’s a need to stand back from time to time, think about how you’re doing what you’re doing/evaluate your work to date and (perhaps) do more/different reseach/fact-finding
  • You might discover that some of your strengths start to take you down a new path… fun, interesting, AND consuming
  • You need to be able to monitor how far you wander from your task… and rein in yourself, applying the new information you have learned to your BIG project
  • You are on a deadline too!

I hope you make the time to enjoy your search and avoid the frenzy that seems to grip so many students and parents-there’s fun to be had while doing all that work!  Check out my next post where I share a resource for learning more about your strengths, and then using that information to help you move smoothly through what can be turbulent waters.

* In my effort to support you in your college search, I’m currently working on (the fourth draft of) my ebook that will help teens move from college eligible to college ready… “Translating” the coaching that I do in person or over the telephone into a book.  It’s challenging!  My mental picture is of me being absorbed into the book.

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