The Series – Finding in the College That’s the Right Fit for You! February 11th, 2010 | 1 Comment

I give interactive workshops in high schools, and at local, regional and national conferences… on the very subject listed above.  So many students have questions and concerns that can be addressed easily in an hour’s time.  For the past two Monday evenings I’ve partnered with Grace Mauzy, Coach for Talented Teen Girl Athletes, to talk with girls about their college search-with great results!  I’ll share the key points of all the 15 minute sessions on the blog, (and the audiofiles when we have them).

First Session
The Question
What do you know about the college search that you’re not aware of… that you just never thought about before, or information you have picked up along the way?

If you want to hear what we talked about, click here. If you want the info. – read on!

Key Points

  • What do you know about yourself?  Be prepared to talk/write about your passions, needs, wants, challenges, favorite subjects and activities, connections to the community.  Thinking through your answers will help you write applications and essays.
  • First, focus on: What do you want? Make decisions about which colleges are the right fit for you.
  • Second, focus on:  What do the colleges want?  Colleges want to know about you as a whole person: your strengths, challenges, course of study, grades, extracurriculars, community involvement, what you want from college and your education
  • How many colleges are there in the US?  There are 4,000 colleges… plenty of them that will be a good fit for college ready students/you.
  • What’s your reason for picking a school?  If it’s all about the name/prestige… think again!
  • Where should I be looking at colleges?  Check out colleges/universities beyond your region.  Colleges are looking for diversity… including what part of the country you represent.
  • What about the big price tag for college today-how can I afford it?  Teens and parents have misconceptions about the costs of colleges-small, private, liberal arts colleges are costlier than state schools, yet they give out more financial aid and scholarships.  Don’t cross them off your list.

Grace was taking detailed notes.  She felt that the two most important points were:
1.  Colleges are looking to create a community-Candidates need to share who they are and what they do throughout the admissions process (applications and interviews)
2.  There are a number of ways to fund your college years-look at all the possibilities.

Second session… We talked about, “What do you have yet to learn about the college search process?”
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