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My intention finally met up with my schedule, and I spent some time yesterday afternoon checking out, The Choice: Demystifying College Admission and Aid. My initial impressions were:
✔ clean, appealing look
✔ lots of info
✔ well organized
✔ feels like I am reading the NY Times – for good and for bad…

I really enjoyed the seniors’ pieces about their decision-making… I loved “hearing” their perspectives… seeing them think through their decisions. Asking them to write about their experiences, making transparent their thinking/reasoning processes was probably very helpful to them – even if they didn’t know it!

While it appeared that their pieces were stream of consciousness writing, there’s no doubt they thought about what they were saying: making what’s hidden/unexamined about our thought processes is so valuable… it’s the metacognitive process… thinking about our thinking. How often are you being reflective while you’re in this college search process? I have an idea that night help… I’ll post it next week – I have to commit it to paper first!

The students’ posts reminded me of a coaching session I just completed with a junior. I asked him to become reflective… about why he wanted to go to all the schools he had on his list: to uncover his thinking processes, to make clear to himself and to me, why he had chosen those schools… his answers were revealing to him and to me!

Later this week I’ll explore Morgenson’s advice on student loans and Ranzetta’s rating system for student loans at www.studentlendinganalytics.com/SLA/ratings.html. And, I want to dig into the report from the National Association for College Admission Counseling on the use of technology – Google, Facebook, Twitter… sounds like information you need to know about how colleges are marketing themselves and what they are looking to discover about applicants online.

Catch you later in the week!

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