The Challenges – and Rewards – of Being “Undecided” about a Major… and therefore, a College September 5th, 2008 | No Comments

Did you know that the majority of students entering college today are undecided about a major – and I think that’s (potentially) great! Yet it can lead to some concerns around which college will be the best fit for you in your currently undecided state.

So what does this mean for you, as you begin the colleges search and selection process? It means be sure to seek environments that will support you in many ways…
~ lots of options in academic areas (concentrations, majors, minors, study abroad choices, internships, research possibilities…)
~ flexibility and encouragement to try new paths, and supportive peer and faculty advisory systems
~ a social environment that is a match for who you are and want to become.

College is about so many things and foremost among them is -> discovering all the possibilities! Being undecided is an opportunity to try it all-or at least a lot of it! Even if you know what you want to do, don’t miss the chance to experiment – what you find might surprise you!

I entered college thinking that I wanted to work with children with autism and so I headed straight for the psych department at Clark University. And while I found that I liked psychology… I LOVED education, and after teaching students with autism I needed to rethink the types of students I wanted to work with-and I tried every special education setting that existed at that time – and learned that I LOVED working with students with emotional handicaps. Ultimately I graduate with a double major – in psychology and education.

I know it can feel overwhelming – there so many possibilities – and yet you can create a roadmap … what are your strengths, what do you love, what sounds interesting/challenging/so completely unlike you?* Guidance counselors, college advisors, college coaches, teachers, family, and friends are additional resources – don’t hesitate to get the support you need.

Think big about your future – broadly about the possibilities and deeply about what’s really a match for you. College is an adventure-be sure to give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the ride.

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