SAT’s this weekend? Be good to yourself in preparation for the test(s) October 8th, 2009 | No Comments

I’ll be honest with you, I am a BIG fan of taking good care of myself-and helping everyone I know to do the same.

Here’s my thinking, it’s like a flow chart…
If I am/I feel
☛  well rested (a good 7 hours a night-more if I can tear myself away from The Daily Show)
☛  well-fed (good food and lots of water)
☛  in balance (finding harmony between working hard and playing hard)
☛  in shape (I am training for the NIKE  Women’s marathon on 10.18 – it’s my fundraising event for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society)
☛ connected with family and friends
☛ enjoying the majority of my 10 Delicious Daily Habits*

I will feel more clam and relaxed…

And, do my best work!

So here’s your challenge -> How can you take even better care of yourself?

I know it can be hard to even imagine, you have a lot on your plate!  It might even feel selfish to think of yourself first.  Here are the benefits of taking good care of yourself.

  • have more energy
  • do better work
  • are more available to others who need you – because your have the physical and mental energy to help others

If you want some ideas on creating 10 Delicious Daily Habits, check out my next post!

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