Planning for College Admission 2011… Your BIG Project! March 16th, 2010 | No Comments

How do you feel about planning?
Do you like, or are you better at, short or long term planning?

If you’re a junior in high school, now is the time to be starting your college search.  Do you know the pieces of the puzzle?  If not, read the posts here.  If you know the path yet don’t have a plan, then…

Here are the key questions
How do you plan?  What’s your style?
Identify which aspects of planning you do well and build on that foundation.
Maybe you…

  • are great at seeing the big picture, identifying goals, the steps to reach the goals, and developing a timeline
  • excel at getting all the steps completed after they have been mapped out
  • are deadline-oriented and always get the tasks done well and on time

Or, perhaps you are challenged by…

  • figuring out where to begin… Use November 15th as your deadline/”Begin with the end in mind.” Stephen Covey
  • choosing a method to get organized… use a method you know and love-> mindmap/web, outline, diagram, chart
  • making the time in you daily or weekly schedule to get the smaller tasks done so that you achieve your desired results… get/use a calendar (paper or computer), make a chart and/or timeline

Knowing what makes the task of planning more fun, interesting, dare I say bearable, will also help you move forward.
Perhaps for you that means…

  • gathering all the tools you need to feel excited (for me, it’s all about colorful folders and markers)
  • doing the work with someone else for camaraderie
  • identifying who will be able to help you if you run into an obstacle (there’s a lot of information to be organized… maybe a friend is skilled at creating spreadsheets… and maybe you have a skill that will support your friend’s work)

Honestly, I am better at planning short term projects… one’s that take a week or two rather than those that may take months to complete.  I’m really a, “Can I see the results yet?” kind of person.  What about you?  learning about your style will help you succeed, building on your strengths to face your challenges.

My next long term, daunting project is to develop a timeline of newsletter topics for teens beginning their college search.  I commit to completing it in a week and having it ready to share with you next Tuesday!  I’ll be breaking out the flip chart paper and markers to make mindmapping fun and interesting.

Where are you in your planing process?

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