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Jill Greenbaum is THE college coach you’re looking for.

Jill’s immediate contact info:

Jill Greenbaum Ed.D.
Email: jill@majorinyou.com


Recent media appearances:

  • Steve Barkway, WLEN
  • 3 Girls & a Mic, www.blogtalkradio.com
  • Rodd William Stowell, Statewide Nevada, KWNA/KTSN/KELY
  • Johnny Starks, Koolout Radio, WVON
  • JJ the DJ, Voices on the Net, www.vonthenet.com
  • Burke Allen
  • The Talk Station, WTKF-FM/WJNC-AM
  • Dresser After Dark
  • The Coaching Corner Show

Welcome to the Media Room for Jill Greenbaum.  Jill is the college coach who helps teens (and their families) shift from anxious, confused, and overwhelmed to confident, organized, and successful in finding the colleges that are the right match for them.

Within a few months of working with Jill, teens have gained clarity about their strengths, interests and needs, families are communicating about the range of college choices, and the journey to discover the colleges that are the right fit has led to creation of the teen’s “short list” of colleges.

Jill is a fun, engaging guest and can offer plenty of hands-on, practical tips for audiences on how to not just endure but enjoy (most of) the college search.. so that it is a transformational experience for teens and their parents.

What are Jill’s credentials?

Not only is she the parent of a college graduate, who holds a Master of Arts degree, she has been working with teens and their families and since her daughter entered college.  She is a speaker, coach, author, radio show host, and active alumni.

If you’d need tips, stories or ideas on how teens and parents can enjoy the journey from high school to college, please call Jill, email, or fill out our Info Request Form below.

Read Jill’s blog and articles, for teens and parents, about the college search and selection process; or, listen to her coaching expertise and savvy guests on her radio show, College Bound & Determined.


Click here for Jill’s list of Speaking Engagements.

Jill’s Bio

Dr. Jill Greenbaum is known as an expert in helping teens find the colleges that are the best fit for them. Her warm, energetic, supportive, and focused style enables her to develop collaborative relationships with both students and parents. Jill is passionate about supporting teens on their journey toward becoming independent young adults, and encouraging their parents to address change and transition in their family dynamics.

Beginning her career as a teacher for students with special education needs in the New York City public school system, Jill became a principal and administrator. Her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in child psychology and special education (respectively), and her doctorate in curriculum development, from Teachers College, Columbia University, form the foundation of her academic background.

Review Jill’s Resume here.

Jill’s Media Kit

Media Kit

Jill’s immediate contact info:

Jill Greenbaum Ed.D.
Email: jill@majorinyou.com

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