It’s your one person show! The many roles of a college applicant March 14th, 2007 | No Comments

I was all set to write a companion piece to the first blog-in which the focus was on you. My thinking was that it would be appropriate to turn the spotlight on colleges this time… starting to get into the nitty gritty of what they’re about and what they’re looking for… As I sat thinking that you need to be detectives – sussing out what the colleges are telling you, if you look closely enough-I realized that you have soooo many more roles to play, and started spinning that thread. Here’s my thinking… You need to be all these (though happily, not simultaneously), ready?

 Expert – knowing about yourself (getting clear about your strengths, challenges, best academic and social environments), and how to take good care of yourself during this lengthy process
Student – ready to learn about all aspect of the process (timelines, testing, applications, essay writing, visiting campuses, sharpening your interviewing skills, thinking/talking about finances/scholarships)
Project Manager – managing all the aspects of the college search and selection process and your school work, your social life, your family, and additional commitments.
“Resource finder”/bloodhound – discovering who knows what you need to know and how they can help you move forward with the tasks at hand
Observer – of college/university environments – online and in person, what do they look and feel like, who do they attract, is that the environment you see yourself in?
Detective – sifting through the hype that the colleges, your friends and family send in your direction
Interviewee – learning to speak with ease about your accomplishments, areas where you might have had difficulty, and conveying who you really are – being your authentic self
Interviewer – asking great questions, showing that you have done your “homework” and are curious to learn more about the environment
Decision-maker – easing into the role as the one who ultimately has to decide which setting is the right one for you

Wow! It’s huge and you can do it! You already have many of these skills – when you start feeling overwhelmed use your skills in finding resources and in self-care to inform and support you. It is your show-be sure to use a supporting crew.

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