It’s Almost August-Where are you in your college search? July 31st, 2012 | No Comments

Just finished an interview with Matt Nie of WBSD FM, in Burlington, Wisconsin.  He asked great questions…

  • What are some of the myths about the trying to find the colleges that are the best fit?
  • Where do teens begin their college search?
  • How can parents be helpful-and not take over the process?
  • What can students expect from their guidance counselors?
  • What are colleges really looking for in students?

We discussed all this and more, and you can hear it online, at www.wbsdfm.com at 6:30 am Central Time, this Sunday, August 5th.

If you are looking for answers sooner, then…

  • visit my website
  • listen to these free recordings
  • visit itunes, search for College Bound & Determined, my radio show for parents, with great interviews and information for teens too!
  • contact me for a fre*e strategy session (write to me, jill@majorinyou.com)
  • and, check out the my newest publication, Making the GRADE, at the launch price of $15.00, available at www.majorinyou.com/store, on August 3rd.

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