If you don’t have a plan for your college search -> time to make one! August 14th, 2009 | No Comments

Even if you haven’t really devoted time to thinking about where you want to go to college – I assume that you have thought about why you want to go to college… and that’s a good start!

Using your ideas about why you want to go to college can point you in the right direction.  Start the process with these steps:

  1. Consider creating a vision board (describe in a previous post this month) or a mindmap/web so you start to think about who you want to be in the future and environments that will support you in getting there.
  2. Gather what paperwork you do have and organize it into a file, notebook, or box – unofficial transcript, scores from standardized tests, letters of thanks or commendation for project you have done at school or in the community.
  3. Begin conversations with your parent(s) about the big questions – the cost of colleges these days (from under $10,000 to over $50,000), financial aid, moving away (how far?) from home…
  4. Start talking with your friends about what they’re doing – what they have accomplished so far, what they have learned, what questions they have, where they’re looking and why – just to get into the process.  Be sure to listen carefully to what they say – I’ll bet that some of it bears checking out.
  5. Create a file (paper or computer) where you gather all your questions.
  6. Draft a timeline with all the pieces to this puzzle.  If you’re looking for a quick link to this information look here

I have to say though, that I really prefer using a calendar or creating a chart so I can see the big picture and the details at the same time... I am checking out some planning/organizing tools… In fact, I am having so much fun doing it, it is taking DAYS!  I’ll report back on it next post!

Write to me with your questions!

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