My take on… The College Issue, NY TImes, (9.30.07) – Part I October 22nd, 2007 | No Comments

So… I know that you have a million things to do, but did you glance at New York Times Magazine section, The College Issue? I have to say that I read two of the articles, one of which baffles me and the other I am cheering about…

Let’s start with the snarky article. Okay, perhaps I am being unfair, but what WAS the takeaway message from “Tense Times at Bronxville High”? Maybe I am expecting too much, perhaps there was no more to the article than the title states, just the telling of several stories… As I read I wondered, should I bother to look for any pearls? Since that’s my style I started a list of what I saw the themes as:
~ the college application process takes an all out effort and is consuming of the ~ ~ applicant’s time and energy
~ having family support is a vital part of the process
~ families get wrapped up in all of it
~ results are sometimes random
~ sometimes students write what is self-serving/what they believe colleges want ~ to hear in case it gives them a better shot
~ a college can begin to resemble a fetish object
~ it’s a completely exhausting process

… I am also wondering why the author found these three teens from the same small town to be interesting… were their stories mean to be emblematic of all students? In thinking about the piece, I was left unsatisfied…

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