Guidance Counselors & the College Search—YIKES! (Part 1) December 20th, 2012 | No Comments

Okay, maybe that title is a little too broad… Here’s one guidance counselor’s response to my offer of complementary services to students and their parents:



Earlier this morning:

Me: Hi! My name is Jill Greenbaum and I am following up on the email that I wrote to you earlier in the month. I offer coaching to teens in the college search process and presentations to parents about their roles in the lives or their teens. I was wondering if my services might be of use to families in _________.

Mr. (shall remain nameless): We actually find that rather insulting. We think we do a pretty good job here.

Me: Do you have students with special needs? Or parents with concerns?

Mr. __________ We have that covered.

Me: Oh! My work is not meant to be insulting, it complements that of guidance counselors. Thank you for your time.


Wow, wow, wow!


  • The ratio of students to guidance counselors in the US 476:11
  • One in five students delayed going to college due to inadequate counseling2
  • In 2009, 120,00 high school seniors hired educational consultants3
  • 48% of students felt they were “a face in the crowd” to guidance counselors2
  • 38 minutes is the total average amount of time a guidance counselor spends per student discussing college admissions1

There are plenty more statistics… they are mostly disheartening.

 1 American School Counselor’s Association

2 Public Agenda 2010 Survey of Effectiveness of High School Guidance Counselors

3 Rheault


Happily, there’s good news to follow in Part 2! 

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