Guidance Counselors & the College Search—YAY! (Part 2) December 21st, 2012 | No Comments

I have to say that I was really disturbed by my brief conversation yesterday morning. I am so happy to report that I had a GREAT exchange with another guidance counselor just a few minutes later! The phone rings…


Me: Thank you so much for calling me back! I wanted to follow-up on my email from earlier this month, about my services to parents and teens—workshops and coaching.

Ms. ______: Oh! We have someone come in from ______ College and they talk about admissions to both teens and parents.

Me: Oh! Well, I really focus on parents and how they can support their teens during the college search, and I talk with them about their changing roles in the lives of their teens. I talk to teens also, and offer coaching to teens and families where there may be special needs or the need for more support services. May I send you the more detailed description of my series of workshops for parents?

Ms. _______: Well, how does this work, is it complementary? And, what do you expect to gain from it? What is your background?

Me: Yes, my workshops are free for parents. I bring articles that I have written and other resources. Parents can just come to the workshop and listen, they can take home resources, and they can contact me if they want to have further conversations about what I have to offer. My background is in special education—I was a teacher, principal and administrator, I have a doctorate in curriculum development, and my daughter is a college graduate. I started this work over seven years ago when my daughter went through the college admissions process and, while she went to a very good school, she didn’t feel that she knew all the pieces of this puzzle. I am also a member of Clark University’s Alumni and Parent Admissions Program.

Ms. ______: Oh! We want to be sure that people talking to our families know what is happening out there and have current information, as we can’t get out as much as we would like. We spend a lot of time talking with the college reps to learn what they want these days.

Me: Well, do you know www.unigo.com? It’s a site where students write about their experiences at college, and they’re on campus now.

Ms. ______: Oh yes, it’s like the Fiske Guide but written by students.

Me: Yes, it’s a student’s guide to colleges. Well, I am on their expert panel.

Ms. ______: Oh!

Me: I’ll be happy to send you the descriptions of my workshops later this morning. I look forward to hearing from you.

Ms. ______: I will have to talk with my counterpart at _________. I will be in touch!

Me: Thanks!


Woo Hoo! A guidance counselor who understands that students and parents need information and options around the services that support them during the great adventure of the college admissions process.



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