“Get away from the Admissions Office!” August 10th, 2007 | No Comments

Wow! Provocative words from a dean of admissions – and excellent advice!

Harold Wingood, from my alma mater, Clark University joined me for a telephone interview to share his views on the current state of affairs in college admissions… specifically, what’s the truth out there/what do students need to know, what aren’t they hearing, what are students’ biggest misconceptions, and more… Harold was full of great ideas! Listen and tell us what you think!

The back story… Just a few months ago I was thinking that I should add some new and different voices to my blog… that idea pointed me in Harold’s direction – as I had heard him speak at a meeting for alumni interviewers. So, in my usual style of diving headlong into a project, I approached him for an interview – to be formatted as an link on the blog. With a brief introduction to my perspective on the college search and selection process and a passion for the topic, Harold accepted my invitation to be interviewed and the rest is history/an audio file!

Who else would you like to hear from? I am determined to bring you great information – help me do it by telling me what you want and need.

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