Find a Major, Find a College? Maybe… Maybe Not! February 14th, 2011 | No Comments

This week on my radio show, College Bound & Determined, we talk about choosing a major as a way into the college search adventure.  I have a cautionary tale to tell…

I chose a college based on my desires to work with children with autism, (and therefore to major in psychology), and remain in the northeast.  I found a school that appeared to have just  what I wanted… and then discovered that psych was a good, but not a great, fit for me.  So I explored other options, discovered the field of education and immediately, I felt at home. My happy ending was a double-major, in both psych and education with the result of a solid foundation in my future field of special education.  I chose a school with lots of choices-and it’s fortunate I did!

I want to take this conversation one step further:  to recognize that being curious, open minded, flexible, and dedicated to a vision can lead to amazing results.

Check out the timeline of my life since college… It shows how many paths I have taken-professionally and personally, stemming from a double major, further education and, I might say, an adventurous spirit.  There is so much possibility!

Long and Winding Road
I’ll update this in June at the conclusion of some more amazing adventures!

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