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What are your values?

How cool is this?  A guide to colleges that “gets” what’s really important-looking at all the facets of college life and determining which colleges/universities are the best fit for you.
“This is a guide to 286 U.S. colleges and universities that have demonstrated an exemplary commitment to sustainability. While it differs from our Best Colleges guidebooks in that it does not report information based on our surveys of students attending the schools, it very much embodies our philosophy that finding your “best fit” school means looking at everything from the school’s academic offerings to its extracurricular options and now, even its commitment to going green.”

Regardless of whether you consider yourself “green” and what to check out the colleges listed in the report… You absolutely want to be thinking through what is important to you.

And so, what are your values?  What’s important to you?

Learning  & Achievement… Working hard…

  • What opportunities exist for students in class and beyond the classroom?
  • Does talk about school work take place after class too?  Can you engage in research?
  • Are there avenues for pursuing your goals and being recognized for your work?

Playing hard…

  • What do you love to do during your free time?
  • What kinds of extracurriculars are offered?
  • What is there to do off campus and how easy is it to get there (wherever “there” is)?


  • How much freedom do you have academically and personally?
  • Are you interested in study abroad?  What are your options?
  • What is the college administrators’ vision of the students?  What are the unspoken rules of the community?


  • What the composition of the student body, professors and staffs?
  • How big or small is the campus/community?

Connection/Close working relationships with peers, professors and/or local community

  • What is the student to professor ratio in classes?
  • Who teaches the classes-professors and/or grad students?
  • What connection is there with the local community?


  • What do you think of honor codes (re:  academic work, tests, etc).at college?  Do you want to be in an environment where that’s a paramount value?

Bottomline: What are your values?  How do you see them in action at the campuses you are visiting?  The college community will be your home for four years… you need to feel comfortable, stimulated, challenged, a part of it.

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