End of summer… Thinking/Planning ahead to the fall August 14th, 2009 | No Comments

Hard to believe but true – summer is almost over and that means it’s time to start getting organized for the fall.  Where are you in the college search process?

If you’re a senior, you have probably

  • had a few meetings with your guidance counselor – talked about subjects of interest, colleges that might be a fit – > size, region of the country, price range
  • talked with family or friends about schools they know and like… or don’t
  • looked through materials from colleges – mailed to you or ones you have discovered online
  • taken the SAT’s at least once and maybe taken some of the subject tests too
  • taken the ACT
  • thought about making visits to some schools early in the fall

So here’s my question:  What’s your plan for the next four months?
If you have a plan -> fantastic!  Just be sure to check in with some sources – guidance counselor/college advisor, books, me – to be certain you’ve got the big picture of what needs to be accomplished, you know the details, and you’ve created a timeline.

If you don’t have a plan -> time to make one!  Read the next post!

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