Done! The College Search Made Easier! March 23rd, 2010 | 1 Comment

Last week I promised to create a 12 month plan for my ezine that will support you during the 12+ months* it (generally) takes to move from thinking about going to college to deciding which one will be “the” one for you.  Yea!

I developed the acronym, GRAD, alerting you to the steps in the college search and selection process, and reminding you that you can do this!  It is manageable.

These four areas are the steps on the path to choosing the college environments that are the best fit for you.  Ideally, at this point in your academic life (spring of your junior year) you would be on your second step, Research.  It’s too hard to start the process without a context, so I’m going to start with a big picture overview of all the pieces and then start digging deep with the important questions which will lead to the actions that will propel you through your search.  I’ll write the next issue of my newsletter, College Bound & Determined next week… you can sign up for it here.

* You can do your search A LOT faster if you like!  I worked with one student starting the fall of his senior year.  He applied Early Decision-and was accepted!  It all depend on your style and your deadline 🙂

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