Decision day for many seniors! May 1st, 2012 | No Comments

It’s an exciting-and anxiety provoking-time for many seniors.  Making that final choice about where to go to college is often exhilarating and torturous… It’s so much fun to imagine the future and yet making that final decision is often fraught with nerves and second guesses.

Take heart!  Between your work to discover the colleges that are the right fit for you, and the admissions office staffs’ work to do exactly the same-find students who are the right match for what they have to offer-you’re on solid ground!  I would venture to say that if you are choosing between two or three finalists-in the contest of which lucky school gets to be your home for the next four years-you are probably a match for all of them!

My advice:  Choose with your head and your heart.  Pick the place that feels both comfortable and a stretch-you can see yourself there and you know that you will be challenged.



Good luck!

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