College Admissions and You: Discuss March 5th, 2007 | No Comments

It’s happening again – the craziness of college “rankings,” the undercurrent of tension about who’s getting in where…You can barely turn around without hearing the latest information about the “hottest schools.” US News and World Report, Kaplan/Newsweek, on television, and on the radio…(though I have to say that I liked National Public Radio’s pieces on the topic).

Time to take a deep breath!

Here’s an irreverent viewpoint! It’s all about you! Okay, I am exaggerating a little, but not much! Here’s my perspective:

If you must pick up the magazines and newspapers, remember:
~ read critically (does this make sense; who is writing it, what’s their viewpoint?)
~ ask penetrating questions (how did they come up with these rankings, what criteria were they using?)
~ trust your well-reasoned thought processes (and realize these media outlets need to sell their products)

Focus on yourself to start the process, not what frenzied friends or the media tell you. What you know (and will learn) about yourself during the college search process becomes the foundation for making decisions about your future. You have the tools to get started, you will be adding to your treasure chest of knowledge and abilities. You CAN do this – and parts of it can even be fun!

Hey! It’s going to be an exciting ride – think roller-coaster here – strap in and let’s do it together!

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