Calendar Check! It’s November! November 5th, 2010 | No Comments

It’s the beginning of November so let’s review who needs to be doing what right now!

√ Check in with/Create (!) your calendar -> test dates, fees, deadlines for various pieces of college applications
√ Take second round of SATs and subject tests, and take the ACT
√ Work on college applications – check list of schools that accept common application
√ Write supplemental essays for colleges requiring them
√ Complete financial aid applications/meet the deadlines
√ Complete search for scholarships and add deadlines to your calendar
√ Visit colleges: Visit classes, stay overnight, do interviews

YIKES! That’s a lot to handle!!! To add one last thought to that lengthy list…It’s my hope that you are completing packets for your guidance counselor – your resume, transcript info, recommendation forms for teachers… all those niggling details…

I’ll talk more about how you can work effectively with the guidance counselor/college adviser next week…

√ You have taken the PSAT… how did it go? What are you plans for scoring higher on the SAT? Study on your own, taking a class, or getting tutoring? Make a plan
√ Start your self discovery process – What are your strengths, needs, wants, challenges?
√ Think through preferences for areas of study and/or careers of interest, and generate a list
√ Talk with guidance counselor/college adviser. Begin the process of helping them know you better so they can be even more helpful.
√ Talk with your parents about college costs, the range of costs – yet don’t eliminate any types of schools yet!

Seniors you’re nearing the homestretch of your search and selection process… while juniors, it’s time for you to fully engage… the sooner you start the easier it will be for you to enjoy this adventure!

Remember to create a plan and commit it to your calendar!

And if you’re looking for support with your search, join my fr*ee Preview Call, click here How to Jumpstart Your College Search! on November 10th at 8 pm (ET)

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