@ a College Fair Yesterday September 25th, 2012 | No Comments

Scene: College Fair at William Paterson College, Wayne, NJ

Me/Alumni Representative for Clark University, standing at my table: Hi!

Parent: (Picking up a booklet and looking through it.) I would love to go back to college!

Me: So would I! That’s what I kept thinking, and saying, as my daughter went through her college search!

Parent: But I would do it completely differently this time.

Me: I’d do it EXACTLY the same way!

And I think that says it all! So many parents and young adults talk with me about their college search and selection process, and how they

  • felt unprepared and overwhelmed
  • didn’t really understand all the steps on the path to college
  • would like to have really engaged in and enjoyed the process.

I know it can be different!

If you’re a teen, check out the resources that exist both in and out of school. If you’re a parent, support your teen by learning about the entire selection process. I have developed resources—for both teens and parents—based on years of working with teens and their families. Here’s my latest, www.majorinyou.com/e-book/

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