“If it ain’t fun, it ain’t gettin’ done!” Part 3 February 3rd, 2010 | No Comments

Applying to colleges and universities appears -> overwhelming!   There are so many pieces to the puzzle!  It’s time to summon your strengths again and use them manage yourself and this task.

How are you going to use your strengths to enjoy the time devoted to the application and interviewing processes?  You know you need to:

Whittle down the list of colleges and universities
Use your strength of open-mindedness to consider a range of possibilities; and, your strengths of judgment and critical thinking to examine your choices.  Rely on both your head and your heart:  you need to think through the objective information (the environment in which you can do your best work, your profile of grades, courses, test scores, extracurricular involvements, the cost of the schools, the distance from home, what the schools have to offer you) and your heart (how you feel reading through the different materials, visiting the campus, talking with admissions personnel, professors, students).

Create a GIANT chart
Stretch you strength of ingenuity to develop a fun, interesting, and useful chart on paper or on the computer -> that organizes all the requirements for all the schools (testing, profile of current class {re: test scores, GPA, etc}, type of application, supplemental essay(s), interview suggestions and types, admission dates, financial aid filing dates, etc.)  Your perseverance will support you through gathering all the details.  And, look for similarities in the requirements, so that you’re always being efficient; perhaps schools are asking for similar supplemental essay topics, or you can submit the same piece of graded written work to more than one college.

Develop a plan and a timeline – Be realistic and kind to yourself!
Tap into your strength of future-mindedness to formulate your plan and timeline for all the tasks.  Use your perspective to solve problems that arise.  Give yourself plenty of time to complete your tasks so you don’t feel too rushed.  While you make like the pressure of a looming deadline, be certain that you can meet the deadlines with your best work to show for it.

Determine what assistance you need
Your personal intelligence/insight into your own thoughts and feelings will guide you to discovering what types of support you need.  Whether it’s information about the range of college costs your family can afford, the types of financial aid available at the different colleges, the tests to be taken, deadlines to be met and fees to be paid for tests and applications, proofreading of essays or practicing for interviews, plan to ask for help far in advance of need it.  Remember to show gratitude to the people who are supporting you in this process-parents, friends, teachers, counselors, coaches.

Just do it!
Throw yourself into this task with enthusiasm and you will reap the rewards of knowing that you are doing your best… It will show in your results!

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