“If it ain’t fun, it ain’t gettin’ done!” Part 1 January 15th, 2010 | No Comments

I love this saying!  How true, right?  I know that I approach tasks I like much more readily than those that feel difficult or boring.  What about you?

How do you feel about searching for colleges that are a match for who you are, and what you want and need?  Does it feel fun and exciting?  Big and scary?  Overwhelming and tedious? Maybe all those things?

How can looking for colleges that are matches for you be fun? By tapping into what you already do well.  Here’s a question:  What are your strengths?  What do you do really well?  I love helping teens get in touch with their strengths and then identifying how they can use them to make EVERYTHING easier… and more fun!

Take the next few minutes to think and then make a list of at least five of your strengths. If that feels hard to do, go here, www.authentichappiness.com and take the Brief Strengths Test.  It’s free, takes about 20 minutes, and will give you great information-about yourself!

Now reflect on your strengths and how they show up in your life… here are just a few examples of strengths:

  • Are you curious about the world and open to new experiences?
  • Do you have great perspective?  Do others seek you out to help them solve problems and gain another view of themselves?
  • Do you persevere, finishing what you start, being flexible, realistic, and not perfectionistic?
  • Are you kind and generous to others?
  • Are you a leader, organizing activities and maintaining good relations among group members?
  • Do you demonstrate self control, holding your desires, needs and impulses in check when appropriate?

How can you use these strengths to have more fun during your college search?
If you…

  • are curious, use that trait to become a super sleuth, figuring out who you are, what the colleges are about and how you will create a match (more on that in the next post!)
  • have perspective, maybe you want to approach your search as a problem solving exercise
  • persevere, then you will be in great shape to mange the big and little pieces of the project
  • are kind, then perhaps others will repay your kindness by working with you and answering questions
  • are a leader, then your organizational and people skills will help you manage the pieces of the puzzle, the “paperfun,” and the people you will meet during this months long journey
  • are a wizard at self control then you will manage yourself in the process, working when necessary, helping yourself feel more in control of the big picture and the niggling details, and stepping away from the search to take a break!

You may want to make a quick mindmap, web, collage of your strengths (mmmm, that must be your strength in creativity!) and keep it with your college search materials… to give you the lift you need when the task starts to feel too big.

I bet you’ll have more fun if you’re using your strengths to meet your challenges!

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