What I learned during my summer vacation… Okay, maybe I realized it after a wee bit of reflection September 5th, 2014 | No Comments

This was a summer oozing with new opportunities for me—how was it for you? Are you going back to school with new knowledge/information/ideas about yourself, other people, new areas of interest, maybe even new skills? I know that I am brimming over with new experiences:

  • Training international audiences at a conference in Berlin—sharing my passions and expertise, and learning from the folks in my sessions
  • Reading about—and trying—new ways to be a leader
  • Discovering and applying Appreciative Inquiry to make my coaching and training practices even more rich for my clients, audiences, and for me.

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What did you do this summer that was a step outside your comfort zone, novel, different, exciting, or challenging? In what areas did you succeed? What are you still learning? What failures did you have while you were learning? Because if we don’t make mistakes or fail a few times, are we really pushing ourselves to do our best work?

It’s not necessary to travel far to make discoveries. While my trips in France and Germany were exciting as I saw old friends, made new ones and learned new ideas, practices, and skills—I did some of my most meaningful learning sitting on my couch reading, with my dog resting by my side.

This summer, I made sure to live one of my favorite quotes, by Marcel Proust.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

I have “new eyes” in so many aspects of my life as a result of seeing/thinking/living differently—no matter where I was… What about you?

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