Choosing the College That’s Right For You

Choosing the College That’s Right for You!
Develops an awareness of your personal strengths, values and interests,
to be used as the springboard for your decision-making

Increases your feelings of being in charge of your own life during this important and lengthy process

In this program you will Get out the magnifying glass and take a close look at who you are:

  • Identifying your strengths, talents, needs, wants, and challenges
  • Learn about and manage all the elements of the college search and selection process
  • Create a personal vision of the types of colleges/universities you would like to attend
  • (Develop personal selection criteria; Compare and contrast colleges/universities; Compose list of “likelies”/”possibles”/”reaches”)
  • Prepare for campus visits and interviews by creating plans for each
  • Practice and evaluate your interviewing skills
  • Reflect on your progress during our time together and discuss future plans

Choosing the College That’s Right for You! is an assessment of: who you are, what you want, and the gap between where you are in the process, and what remains to be accomplished. Each session is highly interactive, requiring your active participation – and fieldwork, to be completed between sessions, is an integral element of the program. This program is designed for teens committed to their futures and the coaching process.

Choosing the College That’s Right for You! features six half hour sessions over the telephone. While the coaching takes place over the telephone (using my toll-free telephone number), the companion workbook contains information, exercises, and resources which are used during and between sessions. In general, sessions are scheduled weekly, as there is fieldwork to be completed between sessions.

Click here to see the Program Agenda.

If you’re interested in learning more about Choosing the College That’s Right for You!, or additional services call Jill at 1.877.375.7412 or click here to request a complimentary coaching session.

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