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In the College Search: Distinguishing between Activity & Productivity

Current Dilemma in My Coaching Practice

One student in coaching with me appears to be stuck, at a loss, finding it very difficult to move forward and complete the tasks necessary to finish the applications for the admissions process.


Time is growing short to submit applications for September admission



No response to check in email


Offer different kind of support—more active partnership—until the student is ready to do the tasks more independently


No response to my offer for more support in my second email

While there may be activity around the tasks, I am concerned about activity and yet not productivity… 


I can relate, can you?

For me, today has been a day of organizing my thoughts around wellness, to share/write up/draw for my next ezine (tomorrow), creating a new description of my ebook for my store page, organizing my outreach to guidance counselors and administrators, contacting an editor about my book, updating video content, and planning for several new products. These are all important tasks yet I am stepping back to be reflective/gain self-awareness, to be sure that I am not mistaking activity for productivity. Do you ever have those days?

Perhaps it’s just a day full of handling the details that push many projects forward… just doesn’t feel as satisfying as big chunks of projects accomplished. Maybe I can reframe that and look at total number of tasks achieved… Mmmm, I’m liking it!

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