Just read the article about the newly published, The New Global Student: Skip the SAT, Save Thousands on Tuition and and Get a Truly International Education and wanted to share this part of my comment…

Great stuff! Education needs to be (sometimes is/often isn’t) about facilitating students’ growth (cognitively, emotionally, socially) and their independence, so that they feel, and are ready, to embrace the possibilities of our changing world.

What do you think? What does preparing yourself for life mean? Is it going to college, getting a job out of high school, taking a year to explore yourself and the world in between high school and college, creating your own multi-faceted college experience? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you!


And, I like the articles posted on unigo.com… I’ve read about half a dozen and they have a comfortable, chatty feel. There’s a lot of good information there – particularly if you’re looking for advice… if you want a lot of direction in the process. Here are a few titles:

Apply Yourself: Winning the college application game without losing your mind
Little Things Can Be a Big Deal
11 Things You Never Knew You Needed to Survive in College

While my taste would run in the direction of asking questions and getting you to think about your own answers… there’s a lot of value in hearing from some folks who have been there.

Check it out, www.unigo.com, and then let me know what you think! Email me at jill@majorinyou.com.


Forget about reading the NY Times article and go straight to www.unigo.com and check it out. It seems like THE place to read student reviews of colleges – and I mean LOTS of reviews (and in this case, “more is more).

So I have been there and done a lot of the tour… and I like it!

I looked for all the colleges I’ve visited and the majority were there – and I have to say that I agreed with most of the students/reviewers… My impressions were similar.

I love the online resource with students sharing their thoughts. The beauty of the concept is that you can hear (really read and see) lots of viewpoints… You just need to remember that it’s the folks who know about the site and feel most passionately about their schools who are writing about them – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Knowledge is power and unigo.com gives you more of both. Nothing surpasses visiting the schools, yet if you want a thumbnail sketch from some folks in the know before you head out the door, take a look at the site.

PS: I’m hoping that more colleges/universities show up on the site… as Clark University/my alma mater isn’t there… and there’s a lot to say about it!

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