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About Jill

Jill Greenbaum is THE college coach you’re looking for.
Jill’s immediate contact info:

Jill GreenbaumJill Greenbaum Ed.D.
Phone: 1.877.375.7412


Dr. Greenbaum is a nationally known coach who supports teens in facing the daunting college search and selection process. Her coaching program, Choosing the College that’s the Right for You!, helps students move from anxious and overwhelmed to confident and enthusiastic. She is a popular speaker in local high schools, and regional, and national conferences. She maintains a website, www.MajorInYou.com/Blog [1] and writes regularly on her blog of the same name.

What are Jill’s credentials?

Jill began her career as a teacher for students with special education needs in the New York City public school system and became a principal and administrator in private, nonprofit education settings serving special needs populations. Her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in child psychology and special education (respectively), and her doctorate in curriculum development, from Teachers College, Columbia University, form the foundation of her academic background, She is also a graduate of CoachU and Martin Seligman’s Authentic Happiness Coaching Program.

Jill Greenbaum PortraitShe is a prolific writer. In addition to her coaching program, individual and group coaching, and speaking engagements, she has authored a book, articles, ebooks, ecourses, teleclasses, and her “other” blog, trainerscafe.

Jill is a completely engaging guest and offers a treasure chest of practical strategies, methods, and resources to her audiences. Her blog offers a variety of materials including free articles, an ezine, mini-assessments, and information about her coaching program, Choose the College That’s Right for You! [2]

If you are interested in learning more about Jill’s approach to coaching or the variety of programs she offers to schools and organizations, please contact her at:

Phone: 1.877.375.7412

See Jill’s curriculum vitae here [3]

Highlights from Jill’s Curriculum Vitae

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Coach Training

Look here [4] for Jill’s list of recent public speaking engagements, workshops and training programs, for teens, parents, and educators.