Just read the tweet from Clark U. It’s the first day of classes!  It brings me back… such great memories!

If you’re a high school senior—whether you’re back at school already or begin next week—there are three questions to answer today:

  1. Where are you in your college search?
  2. Do you know all the steps on the path—not just the paperwork that needs to be completed?
  3. What’s your plan, your timeline, and your next steps?

If you need help with answering any of these questions, contact me for me a free Strategy Session* here. I can help you make the college search faster and easier.

* My complementary Strategy Session helps you get crystal clear about where you are and where you need to go in your college search. We recognize what you have accomplished and uncover hidden challenges. You will leave the session energized and inspired to follow the path to the colleges that are the best fit for you.


Musings on Parenthood…

This morning I wrote to my daughter about how really wonderful it is that she is finding her way in the exciting, and yet messy, world of work.  Then, I was struck by the thought that it was a “mom” kind of thing to say—and I believe that while there is some of that left in our relationship, we have more conversations as equals/peers/colleagues these days… and I reflected on the times that she has been respectful of the work/volunteering/learning that I do, and I felt content.  We have reached a new place in our relationship…


It’s a countdown to the new school year! In some areas of the country, students are already back at school, and almost everyone begins in the next two weeks.  Seniors are wondering about the college search… I’ve heard the questions:

  • What are all the parts of this process?
  • Where will I find the time to do…
    • my school work
    • extracurriculars
    • think about, and maybe take more, standardized tests
    • start and finish the applications-including writing the essays
    • get my letters of recommendation
    • visit colleges and do interviews
    • … and have a social life?
  • Who can I turn to for information and support?


Here’s a few tips and techniques for getting those tasks done-and making sure you have fun!

  1. Learn and truly understand all of the steps on this great adventure.  Here’s a picture to help you see it all!
  2. Get clear on where you are on your journey.  I have created a survey for teens in my new ebook, Making the GRADE:  Discovering the Colleges That Are the RIght Fit for You!  Take the survey and then create a plan for what’s got to get done!  *
  3. Think about some cool concepts.  I just read about them today in Yaro Starak’s blog


A Sprint is a term common in the development world were you focus on one core task or objective which you can complete in a short period of time. You essentially “sprint” to the outcome, disregarding everything else.


There is another term that goes hand-in-hand with the Sprint concept known as an “Epic“. An Epic is also an objective, but it’s too big to be done in a sprint time frame. It requires more time and resources to get it done, hence it is a more “epic” undertaking.”  (Source: Yaro’s blog)

Your college search is epic (nothing like a play on words!), and there are many sprints along the way.  I think they are awesome concepts… and they fit right in with my “college search as a marathon” theme.

What do you think?

I believe you need to know all the steps of this epic journey, and if you create sprints for yourself-work you can get done in a week (or some other short, definite timeframe)- you will feel more in control of the process.  I’d love to hear how you’re doing-shoot me an email, jill@majorinyou.com



The Subject: Your College Search

The Question: How are you feeling about where you are in the process of finding the colleges that are the right fit for you?  Exactly how are you feeling RIGHT NOW? 

As the summer comes to a close and you begin thinking about the upcoming school year…

  • If you’re a junior you might be thinking ahead to getting that packet of information about colleges from your guidance counselor or college advisor.
  • If you’re a senior, you are most likely thinking about when and how you are going to get your applications-with all the pieces to that puzzle, such as testing, writing/reviewing/revising/rewriting the essays, college visits, and interviews-done.

I’m guessing here, yet I  wouldn’t be surprised if you were getting a little anxious, or beginning to feel stressed out… And, we haven’t even talked about what kinds of conversations you are having with you parents about managing the process, thinking about finances and scholarships, in addition to the importance of maintaining you grades during senior year.

Here are some ideas for you!

  • Yoga
  • Meditation

No, really!

I was just reading an article in Prevention magazine and then went to the source, the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.  Apparently doing Kripalu Yoga (meditation, relaxation and breathing exercises, along with yoga poses) reduces anxiety.  How cool is that!

So while your school might not offer yoga as a part of PE/gym classes-it’s something you could do on you own (think DVD’s from the library or shows on TV/the internet).

And one of my favorite resources is www.getsomeheadspace.com, which has a fre*e 10 day meditation program.  Check it out!

Whether you are feeling some tension, distress or overwhelm about you college search now, or when it happens in the future, remember, you can find the resources you need to cope… whether you discover tools or you reach out to others.

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