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In the flurry of writing about making the choice about which college to attend, I forgot to attach a short article I wrote and distributed to parents at one of the workshops I presented last Saturday at Clark University’s Admitted Student Open House day.

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If you’re a senior and still undecided, take heart!  My guess is that you applied to colleges that were good matches, so the final few that you are choosing between are probably all a good fit!  I know, you still have to select just one… so here are a few suggestions to help you feel more confident:

When you visited the campus, how did you feel while you were there?  

Perhaps you were thinking: I really see myself here, I like the energy, it feels comfortable, I like the campus/environment, I can relate to many of the students and professors I met here, it’s the right distance from home…

What did you think of your future there?

The college offers just what I want-and if I change my mind or haven’t decided on an area of interest yet there are so many choices-I will be able to take advantage of those options, I will be challenged to do my best work here and  if I need support with a class or a skill I will be able to get it, I might want to study abroad, do an internship or work with a professor and I have those opportunities…

I believe that the decision needs to be made with both your head and your heart.  Finding someone who can be a soundingboard for you-listening and reflecting back your ideas-may be just the support you need; that person might be one of your parents, a friend, guidance counselor or another trusted adult.


Good luck!

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