WOW!  I am knee deep in a project for teens…helping them to navigatie a blended learning program… The work is inspiring me to convert my coaching program into a vook or an emag… gotta practice my ability to created hyperlinks… Let’s see if this…

Your College Search: How to Tame Your Fears and Find the Colleges That Fit!

will take you and me to the place to get questions answered – whether you are a teen or a parent, lots of questions arise during the admissions process. Check out the mp3 files my colleague, Jane Massengill, and I developed!


In my radio show this week, College Bound & Determined, I do a quick recap of where you need to be in your college search process->if you want to have the time and energy to enjoy (!) the process. Take a good look at this mindmap, figure out where you are… and your next steps.

A year in the life

If you want support in the process, shoot me an email or, even better, sign up for a complimentary strategy session, jill {at} majorinyou,com

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