The Long & Winding Road… Professional & Personal Paths Since College

Here’s a graphic, to give a sense of where I have been since attaining my bachelor’s degree… For me, it was all about following my interests and passions, both in and out of school… I’ll be updating this within the week – to account for life since 2009 (when I created this).

Long and Winding Road

If you would like the backstory to this post, listen to this week’s radio show, College Bound & Determined, here.


A year in the life… of a high school junior/senior

As promised, on my radio show, College Bound & Determined, here are the highlights of that last crucial year in the the journey to find the colleges that are the best matches.

A year in the life

Every week  on my show, I  create the space to step back and think about the college search and selection process. Check out my savvy guests, thoughtful questions, and fresh ideas. Parents learn ways to help their teens move away from the frenzy and teens can hear new techniques for making the shift from feeling anxious, confused, and overwhelmed to confident, organized, and successful in finding the colleges that are the right fit!  Listen in, here.

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