The BIG question that’s on seniors’ minds this time of year:  Could I possibly get a rejection letter from every college that I applied to?  I just completed an interview for an online news service that will post next week-> I wanted to give you the information now!

While it’s unlikely-particularly if you did your homework and found the colleges that are the right match for you, and didn’t listen to your mom, dad, grandparents, or best friend… about where to go to school-because they

  • went there
  • heard it was impressive/great/fun
  • they are going there
  • want you close to home…

It is possible to receive a rejection letter from every college that you applied to… Do not despair!

What should you do?

First, focus on these facts:

  • Success in life is more than attending a specific college/univeristy
  • College is more about the experience than going to a particular school
  • Admissions trends vary-you were not a fit for the incoming classes where you applied this year-> perhaps you will be next year, if the schools were truly the right fit
  • Call the admission office to ensure that they had all your materials and your most recent test scores (if you did not take that step prior to the admissions deadline)
  • Check out the appeals process:  It’s possible to appeal the determination at some schools, but not at others

Second, read through all the information of the mindmap, click All is not lost!, as there are details about

  • realities of admissions
  • actions to take about the admissions package
  • options for next fall and the future
  • emotionally-where to focus

And, if I can help, send me an email, jill@majorinyou.com, or give me a call!

All is not lost!

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