…it’s easy to forget all the great things about our lives when we’re not actively doing them.  Too often we get bogged down in day-to-day chores and rush to meet looming deadlines. One way to keep what we love to do present in our daily lives is to create Delicious (Daily) Habits.

Think for just a minute… What activities give you joy and energy? What do you love to do regularly? Is it listening to your favorite music, getting on Facebook a couple of times a day, working out, reading a book or your favorite magazine? Do you like to write in a journal, play an instrument, create artwork or connect with friends and family beyond a mere “Hello”?

So, as you think about what you love in your life, how can you incorporate more of those things into your daily life?
Here’s an example:
What I love about my life…
Delicious (Daily & Almost Daily) Habits
☞  Starting the day with coffee and a book in the early morning
☞  Catching up with the world-listening to National Public Radio, and reading the news
☞  Talking/texting/emailing our daughter at grad school
☞  Getting outside every day/Training by myself for my next fundraiser/racewalking event
☞  Connecting with family about the day
☞  Checking in with friends – email, text, FB
☞  Doing creative craft work/knitting, crocheting or sewing each day
☞  A glass of wine at dinner and a cup of coffee at the very end of the day
☞  Training with my Team in Training buddies every weekend
☞  Visiting museums & galleries/Seeing new exhibits twice a month with a friend or family member

Developing Delicious Habits, or daily rituals, is one great way to be certain that you recognize and experience daily some (of the many) good things that are a part of your life – and giving yourself time to recharge your batteries. They are anchors in our days, helping us to feel positive and connected with what matters to us.

What will this week look like? What will be your 10 Delicious Daily Habits? How many Delicious Daily Habits can you work into your day, comfortably? Does it help to plan for them, to write them down? Will you enjoy a habit with someone to ensure that it happens (to increase your commitment)? (If 10 Delicious Daily Habits feels like too much, then play with it! Change it to meet your needs-maybe 10 Delicious Weekly Habits, or Habits for a Fortnight… your imagination is the only limit to making this work for you!) The key is to develop habits – rhythms that keep you supported and aware of what’s important to you… because our habits reveal our values. What will be the impact of creating and then starting to live these Delicious Habits?

Excerpted (and updated) from, “Celebrating What You Love About Your Life!”             by Jill Greenbaum, Editor, Play Full Out – It’s Your Life!, posted, www.womensradio.com


I’ll be honest with you, I am a BIG fan of taking good care of myself-and helping everyone I know to do the same.

Here’s my thinking, it’s like a flow chart…
If I am/I feel
☛  well rested (a good 7 hours a night-more if I can tear myself away from The Daily Show)
☛  well-fed (good food and lots of water)
☛  in balance (finding harmony between working hard and playing hard)
☛  in shape (I am training for the NIKE  Women’s marathon on 10.18 – it’s my fundraising event for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society)
☛ connected with family and friends
☛ enjoying the majority of my 10 Delicious Daily Habits*

I will feel more clam and relaxed…

And, do my best work!

So here’s your challenge -> How can you take even better care of yourself?

I know it can be hard to even imagine, you have a lot on your plate!  It might even feel selfish to think of yourself first.  Here are the benefits of taking good care of yourself.

  • have more energy
  • do better work
  • are more available to others who need you – because your have the physical and mental energy to help others

If you want some ideas on creating 10 Delicious Daily Habits, check out my next post!


I talk with LOTS of students in high schools and at conferences… and I always hear one particular question, though it’s asked in various ways:

  • How many activities should I be involved in?
  • Isn’t doing six, seven, or eight extracurriculars a good thing?  Doesn’t it show my commitment?
  • Should I remain on the sports team or on the school newspaper or in three clubs, even if my grades are slipping (because I don’t have enough energy and time for homework by the time I get home)?

I’d like to ask a different question.  My real query to all these students is the same:  What are your values and how are you living them?  For me, involvement in my work and my play are always a reflection of my values/what I think is important.

I ask these questions, to guide the students toward their own answers about how much involvement is “just right”

  • Are all of your activities a match for your values?
  • What is your motivation around being involved in each and every activity?
  • How many activities can you truly devote your energy to-over time and with increasing levels of responsibility/commitment?
  • What does being involved in many activities say about you?  (Are you involved in so many activities to impress/build your resume)?  Do you think that admissions personnel seek students with many activities or those who are very engaged in several to which can truly contribute…

I know that when I’m doing alumni interviews for Clark University, I am looking for depth and not breadth of involvement.

These are questions each student needs to wrestle with… getting clear about who you are and what you value will also help you when writing your essays and responding to interview questions.

Who are you?

What’s important to you?

How does it show up in your life?

PS:  Here’s a photo from ten days ago… I volunteered my time to train the mentors of  All Kinds of Girls.  The AKOG program brings girls 9-12 years old from the Worcester community to the Clark campus for mentoring by female undergraduate Clark students on Saturdays during the academic year. The workshop addressed self esteem issues, girls’ development, and how to be great mentors. It was a fabulous session!

All Kinds of Girls Mentor Training Session '09

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