Happily, I felt great after reading, “Don’t Worry, Be Students.” This article is so where I am coming from… I loved hearing from recent graduates about their experiences. How cool to have students speak to what a few, lonely voices – mine included – are saying…

… the young alums acknowledge, in a variety of their responses, that the qualities they or their parents thought were crucial in choosing a college were not necessarily the things that mattered once they got there. Magazine rankings and a school’s reputation – both extremely important in the minds of many applicants – are often of far less significance to graduates as they reflect on what made their college years worthwhile… “The responses suggest that the critics of college lists are onto something; maybe the devaluing of rankings can serve as a tonic to the unrelenting obsession they foster among many applicants and their parents.” (p. 74-75)

So you ask, “What does that mean to me?” It means that the focus is on you – right where it belongs:
> What do you want in a college experience?
> How much do you know about what college can be like?
> Where will you succeed?
> Have you really reflected on what you need in an environment to do you best work?
> What do you need to do now?
> What’s your plan for discovering information about yourself that will lead you to asking the right questions about each college/university?

In coaching students about the college search and selection process -> the foundation for the process is all about you… how are you coming to the process, what’s your vision, how will you make it all happen… The good news is that you can be in charge of that process.

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