Okay, so I need to be honest with you here. I have been working to bring you information about several college/university websites… and I have fallen victim to overwhelm. In a way I ABSOLUTELY love the fact that I felt overwhelmed and shied away from the experience! Sounds crazy, right? My experience is living proof of how not to approach the task.

Let me tell you how it happened… I was in “fact-finding” mode for you – wanting to share my impressions of looking at websites… and without a compass (so to speak) – truly without a sense of what I really wanted to know – I saw and read too much! Now it’s not only that I started with the University of Michigan site – which has a TON of material – it’s that I wanted to take it all in – and that’s just too much! So I would go to the site, see great information, have to impose some order/organization on what I was learning and then go back to the site… Please don’t try this at home!

The good news is that I can say I have now created my own awesome plan for approaching websites – meaning I have developed ideas of what I want to know about each school – because having a plan is the only way (at least for me) to approach the onslaught of marketing information that colleges and universities are throwing our way.

Next week I will share some of my ideas for great questions to ask before hitting the keyboard or perusing the catalogues… there are a few other topis I want to write about before I get back to the websites.

I believe that the moral of this story is… when the task feels heavy/really hard to get into, then it’s time to look at the task, the approach to the task, or our feelings/beliefs/concerns/fears about what we’re doing. What do you think?

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